Mohammed bin Salman: Keep your blood-stained hands off sports

Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman is trying to use sports to distract the world from his human rights abuses.

Saudi Arabia’s rulers think they can buy a new reputation as leaders of a progressive Government – not an authoritarian regime that tortures and executes its critics for standing up for human rights. So far, the world is letting them do it. This is sportswashing.

We all love sports. But we must speak out when sporting events are used by a regime to launder its reputation and distract from child defendants facing the death penalty, such as our client Abdullah al-Howaiti.

Saudi Arabia’s Public Investment Fund (PIF), controlled by the Crown Prince, has bought Newcastle United, created the LIV golf series, established a partnership with WWE, staged F1 races, and is now, despite his human rights record, looking to host a Women’s Tennis Association tour event.

We can’t let Mohammed bin Salman get away with this. He has blood on his hands and those hands need to stay off the sports we love.

Will you join us and help shine a light on his bloodlust?



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