British Government: stop torture tip offs now 

Cover ups, spies and torture: British blogger, Jagtar Singh Johal, may be the victim of a UK tip off which led to his unlawful arrest and torture. Now he is taking the Government to court.

We thought the dark days of UK complicity in torture and rendition were over - but this new case has just come to light.

Our investigators have uncovered critical information that indicates that in 2017, a UK Government Minister may have authorised MI5 and MI6 to share information about UK citizen, Jagtar Singh Johal, that led to his unlawful arrest and torture in India.

No one should ever be tortured, especially not with the assistance of the UK Government.

The British Government has a duty to right this wrong and, in good faith:

📢 bring Jagtar home and reunite him with his family
📢 ban intelligence sharing where there is a real risk of torture or the death penalty
📢 give torture survivors a right to know if the UK was involved in their abuse

Our Government should protect us, not expose us to torture and the death penalty. If you agree, sign the petition today.




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