Saudi Arabia: Stop executing child defendants

Together, we can stop the execution of child defendants.

Right now in Saudi Arabia:

  • Our client, child defendant, Abdullah al-Howaiti remains on death row
  • 15 people have been executed for childhood “crimes” since 2011
  • Our investigators have just taken on two new cases of child defendants who have been sentenced to death in the Kingdom in the last six months

The death sentence is wrong in all cases, but it is especially egregious when applied to children. The Saudi Arabian authorities know this and in April 2020, they announced a Royal Decree proclaiming that child defendants would no longer face the death penalty. This was a lie.

When this community acts, together, we shine a light on injustice and help save lives. This week, we announced the incredible news that our client, child defendant Mohammed al-Faraj, is no longer at risk of the death penalty after years of campaigning by the Reprieve community.

Will you sign the petition demanding that Saudi Arabian authorities spare the lives of all child defendants on death row and stop sentencing child defendants to death once and for all?



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