Rishi Sunak: stop abuses against children in UK-funded prisons in North East Syria

This Government has given at least $20 million – that we know of – to fund prisons detaining children in North East Syria, possibly including British children. 

Access to the boys in these prisons is extremely limited. From what we can tell, none of the boys have been charged with a crime, let alone tried. Conditions are inhumane and life threatening. Boys are dying of tuberculosis and it has been reported that many are starving, anemic and suffering from serious injuries. 

This Government knows this and is funding it anyway. 

The prison and the boys are at risk of attacks by ISIS. Just last year, when ISIS attacked, boys were used as human shields. An Australian boy – taken to Syria when he was just 11 years old – may have died from injuries sustained in the attack. The UN found his death “utterly preventable” and has called on the UK government to stop funding the “facilitation” of mass arbitrary detention.

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