Guantánamo: Send Saifullah Paracha home

Saifullah Paracha has been cleared for release from Guantánamo Bay. He should be going home to his family and living out his autumn years in peace. But the truth is he has no idea when he’ll be allowed to go free.

Saifullah is now one of 10 people who are still locked up despite having now been unanimously cleared for release from Guantánamo by six US intelligence agencies. But because of delays and bureaucracy, they are left waiting - for some, it has been over a decade since they were cleared for release.

But Saifullah can’t wait that long. At 74 years old, he is Guantánamo’s oldest detainee. He suffered his third heart attack last year and there are serious concerns about his health. He never should have been sent to Guantánamo and he shouldn’t be held there a day longer.

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