Guantánamo: Send Ahmed Rabbani home to his children

“I have been effectively removed from the world. My wife has had to survive all these years without me. My children, now adults, grew up without their father.” - Ahmed Rabbani

Ahmed cannot forget his year and a half of extreme torture in an American "Dark Prison". The CIA tied up his arms and hung him up to slowly and excruciatingly dislocate both his shoulders. He was moved to another prison and held in complete darkness for 545 days. No toilet. No shoes. No proper clothes. No bed. Eventually, he was sent to Guantánamo Bay where the torture continues to this day.

The scariest part is that Ahmed is completely innocent.

The US admits they abducted the wrong man. But Ahmed’s still in Guantánamo now. And has been for 17 years. He’s never been charged with a crime. He’s never had a trial. And when he was taken, his wife was pregnant - so he’s never met his son either.

Now, thanks to years of pressure from this community, the US Government is finally clearing for release the men in Guantánamo who haven’t been charged. Ahmed should be free. And now, he has a chance. Together, thousands of us are demanding that Ahmed is released and can return to his family.

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