President Biden: Set them free

President Biden: innocent men are waiting to go home. Free them now.

Nearly 800 men have been detained in Guantánamo Bay since the notorious prison camp opened in 2002 - but only 12 of them have ever been charged with a crime. 

  • Ahmed Rabbani
  • Abdulmalik Bajabu
  • Khalid Qasim

These men should be free.

As of October 2021, these three men are cleared for release but they remained imprisoned to this day.

No one should ever be locked up without charge or trial. The wrongful imprisonment of these men has stolen almost 20 years of their lives and exposed them to torture, abuse and ill-treatment.  

Human rights do not exist without justice.

The US government got it wrong, very wrong. And now President Biden must make it a priority to return them to their families.

Sign the petition urging President Biden to release these men immediately. 

[Photo credit: Gage Skidmore]



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