President Trump must reverse his appointment of Gina Haspel as Deputy Director of the CIA

Gina Haspel has been instrumental in acts of extraordinary rendition, illegal detention, and torture. Now, she has been given one of the top jobs at the CIA.

In 2002, Gina Haspel oversaw a notoriously brutal CIA black site on behalf of the Bush Administration, where she allowed the torture of prisoners. 

Abu Zubaydah was illegally detained within Ms. Haspel's black site. Here he was subjected to brutal torture techniques, including being waterboarded 83 times in a single month, having his head repeatedly smashed against walls, and being kept awake for 11 consecutive days. The CIA later concluded that Abu Zubaydah was in fact not a member of al-QaedaBut instead of admitting her mistake, Ms. Haspel attempted to cover up these brutal acts, and helped to illegally destroy video evidence of torture at the site. 

   Newly declassified reports reveal that Ms. Haspel had the power to end Mr Zubaydah's suffering. Instead, she reportedly watched as he vomited, passed out, and urinated on himself while shackled.

 By appointing Ms. Haspel, President Trump is legitimizing American torture. Several members of the Senate Intelligence Committee have opposed Gina Haspel's appointment, due to her track record on torture.

You too can voice your opposition by signing our petition to the Trump Administration now. 


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